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How Disney Princes Would Look In Real Life

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If you’ve ever wondered what Disney’s princes might have looked like in real life, Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist and designer in Melbourne, has answered that question definitively with his series of real-life Disney prince illustrations. They don’t call him ‘prince charming’ for nothing!

Anyone who had a childhood crush (or still has a crush) on these princes will definitely love them, but even if you don’t it’s interesting to see how they might actually look. Väätäinen stayed true to their original characters while making sure they seem totally life-like and believable.

If you like Väätäinen’s interpretation of Disney’s characters, be sure to visit his website, where he’s given the same treatment to Disney’s iconic princesses and female characters as well!

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Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid


Prince Charming, Cinderella




Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast




Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty


John Smith, Pocahontas





Beautiful Black Jaguar Kitten Leaps Into the Pool and Goes For a Swim on a Hot Summer’s Day

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When a beautiful black jaguar kitten named Cielo saw that her human caretakers at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation were enjoying themselves in the pool on a hot summer’s day, she decided to take a running leap into the pool and go for a swim with a little help from her friends.

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was founded in 2013 with the discovery of Cielo, the first rescue the foundation made.

Cielo is a Black jaguar. The original people who “cared” for her at birth, planned to sell her to a pet shop owner whose mission was to drug her to take photos with the public for profit. We were so lucky to have intercepted her from a life (if one could call it that) in confinement. She was our first baby and the cornerstone of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Cielo is a force of nature to be dealt with and she loves to exhibit her power, beauty, and grace whenever possible. …Allow us to tell you that taking care of any of these animals it is not for the faint of heart. These are powerful and unpredictable children of nature, not a pet or a toy. Do not underestimate the commitment, work, energy, strength, and resources that are necessary to care for just one of these incredible beings.

The foundation currently needs financial assistance and accepts donations through their site.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation will soon plead for your economical help in rescuing our planet and raising awareness regarding the care of our environment and that of the innocent creatures that us humans are forcing into extinction. If we don’t begin to change, then who will?


A Unique Glowing Coat Made From a Beautiful Array of Fiber Optic Filaments

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Fiber Optic Coat

Instructables designer Natalie Walsh created a unique fiber optic coat for her friend Gordon Kirkwood that is also companion piece to her fiber optic dress. Like the dress, the coat is made up of a free-flowing array of fiber optic filaments that can be purchased from Ants On A Melon. Detailed instructions on how to make the coat are available on Instructables. Instructions for Walsh’s previous designs are also available.

Fiber Optic Coat

Fiber Optic Coat

Fiber Optic Coat

Fiber Optic Coat

images via Natalie Walsh

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips


Self-Taught Jewelry Maker Demonstrates How to Make a Ring From a Coin In Only Two Minutes

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Utah-based construction worker and self-taught jewelry maker fencekid demonstrates how to make a ring from a coin in just two minutes, provided the right tools are available.

This video shows how easy coin ring making is with the proper jewelers tools. This video shows the shaping process, which is the difficult, time consuming part of coin ring making if you don’t have expensive tools. This ring obviously needs a bit of sanding before it is complete, but other than that, she came out great.

Fencekid offers a number of instructional video tutorials on coin rings and many of his original designs are available through his Etsy shop

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The KQED Series ‘Deep Look’ Explores the Capability of Harvard’s Swarm of 1,024 Autonomous Kilobots

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In a recent episode of the KQED and PBS Digital Studios series Deep Look, writer Amy Standen explores the capabilities of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering‘s swarm of 1,024 autonomous kilobots.

The quarter-sized bots are programmed as a group, and must work together to execute their orders. In the episode, Standen gives a number of examples of the kinds of tasks the kilobots can perform, and the ways researchers can learn from them.