The KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer, A Useful Tool for Storing Keys in a Neat and Compact Way

KeySmart 2.0

The KeySmart 2.0 titanium key organizer is a useful tool for storing keys in a neat and compact way. Rather than arranging keys on a loose ring, they are stacked and clipped together in a Swiss Army knife-style configuration. The KeySmart 2.0 can also accommodate a bottle opener, USB drive, and a variety of other accessories.

For a limited time, the KeySmart 2.0 titanium key organizer is available in our Laughing Squid Store with an included bottle opener and free shipping all for a 31% discount off its list price.

KeySmart 2.0 Into Door

KeySmart 2.0 Comparison

KeySmart 2.0 USB Drive

photos via Laughing Squid Store

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