TailTalk, A Smart Device That Helps Humans to Interpret the Complex Language of a Dog’s Tail

“Tail wagging doesn’t automatically imply that a dog is happy”

DogStar Life has created TailTalk, a smart sensor that attaches to a dog’s tail and helps humans understand and interpret what their canine is trying communicate through the movement of his/her tail. The accompanying app also keeps track of the the sensor data through a handy dashboard.

Worn on a dog’s tail, the lightweight, chew-resistant, water-resistant tracker collects actionable data on its happiness throughout the day, passing insights to the companion app via Bluetooth. Owners can survey aggregate data to annotate patterns and determine which environments, people, and toys most excite their dog and avoid the ones that cause stress. The tracker will be especially useful for new pet parents or children, who can clearly see how a dog responds to different actions and experiences.

DogStar Life is currently raising funds through Indiegogo in order to bring the product and the app to market.


image via TailTalk

via Yahoo, Neatorama

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