Sorta Outdoorsy, A Newsletter That Shares Information About Outdoor Experiences Not Too Far From New York City


Sorta Outdoorsy is a wonderful email newsletter that shares information about outdoor adventures, through videos, photos and first-hand experiences, with New Yorkers who enjoy getting out of the city, but not too far out of the city.

A newsletter for people who love the city and love to leave the city. Our mission is to make exploring the outdoors easy and awesome.

Sorta Outdoorsy


So you’ve found yourself with an extra day off, that magical addition of a weekday that turns a regular Saturday and Sunday into a three-day weekend. Now the only question is how to make the most of it.

Swimmin Hole

There you are, hiking through the woods, dust clinging to sweat, when an icy, inviting pool beckons like a mirage. But they’re hard to find unless you know where to look.


Check out a video of our hike up Bald Mountain during our trip to “Vacationland,” which is only a zippy five (or six-ish, what’s the rush?) hour mostly scenic drive north from New York City.

images via Sorta Outdoorsy

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