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Ricky Gervais’s Tweet Saves 650 Starving And Abused Dogs

Once in a blue moon, a celebrity’s Facebook post or tweet can bring tangible real-life results, and that’s exactly what Ricky Gervais did when his tweet helped save the lives of hundreds of dogs at a rescue shelter in Romania.

When one shelter in Odai, Romania received 650 dogs, it was clear that it would not be able to cope with the load. The UK-based K9 Angels rescue agency decided to help out by starting an online fundraiser. They raised some money, but nothing close to the 30,000 needed to provide the dogs with their most basic needs and to help treat their diseases. And that’s when Gervais stepped in. After he retweeted the fundraising campaign, donations skyrocketed, and the campaign is now less than 4,000 short of meeting its goal. His actions are no surprise, as Gervais has a long track record of animal welfare activism.

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Odai shelter received 650 dogs that were in desperate need of help


They were sick, hungry and cold


Some of them were on the brink of death


The shelter had only one staff member to take care of them and not enough food or bedding


K9 Angels started trying to raise £30,000, but the fundraiser wasn’t going very well…


Image credits: K-9 Angels

…until famous comedian Ricky Gervais stepped in


Image credits: Shutterstock

His tweet asked his followers to donate to the shelter and spread their plea for help


Now, the shelter dogs are getting the food they need


K9 Angels volunteers have traveled to Romania to help out, and the shelter is considering adding a staff member


Their future is uncertain, but for now, these dogs will be provided for


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