Pumpkin the Rescued Baby Raccoon Fits Right In With Her Family of Humans and Adopted Dogs in the Bahamas

Pumpkin and Dogs

Pumpkin is an adorable raccoon who was abandoned and ill until Rosie Kemp, a wonderful human who lives in Nassau, Bahamas found her, took her in, nursed her around the clock and made her part of the family, which includes Kemp’s husband, daughter and two rescued dogs. Pumpkin adopted this role with such fervor that it seems that she believes that she might just be a dog, just like her best pals Oreo and Toffee, as demonstrated by pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As The Dodo points out, most raccoons are not pets and much care must be taken when handling an injured animal.

Raccoons do not usually make good pets and are illegal or restricted in much of the U.S. While rabies is not considered a threat to land animals in the Bahamas, raccoons in the U.S. are major rabies carriers, and if they bite someone will almost always be put down for rabies testing (which makes human contact dangerous for them). They are also extremely active, curious and destructive animals and, as with any wild species, do best in the wild whenever possible. If you do find an injured or baby raccoon in the U.S., please contact your local wildlife rescue for help.


Pumpkin and Toffee



Feel Better

images via Pumpkin the Raccoon

via The Dodo

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