Everything But The News Reports on How Technology Is Changing Comedy

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“You know if there’s any rights issues with using YouTube videos?”

In the seventh episode of Everything But The News, a documentary comedy series created by Steve Goldbloom and Noah Pink for PBS Digital Studios, Goldbloom explores how technology is changing comedy with a visit to Marc Maron, as well as Adam Carolla, and the folks at Funny or Die.

Marc Maron, Adam Carolla, and Funny or Die help Steve understand the role of tech in comedy.

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Do I Have Your Consent To Show You This Video About The Part Of Sex That’s Often Overlooked?

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The quicker you learn about it, the more likely you are to have a good sex life and the respect of your peers.

Consent is hard enough in private. Getting people to talk about consent in public is even harder. Which is why I’d really appreciate it if you shared this. And maybe Liked Dr. Doe on Facebook so she can keep talking about the hard subjects?

By Dr. Doe and the Sexplanations.


‘The Wil Wheaton Project’, A Pop Culture Comedy Television Show Featuring Actor Wil Wheaton

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Wil Wheaton

Actor Wil Wheaton has announced The Wil Wheaton Project, a comedy show on the Syfy television network. The show will focus on the important science fiction news in media as well as things like video games and viral videos on a weekly basis. The 12-episode series of 30-minute shows will start airing on May 27th at 10:00PM ET on Syfy.

Each week, Wil provides his insider point-of-view, sense of humor and genre expertise as he dissects the week’s most popular and trending topics across science fiction film, television and pop culture, video games, viral videos and news. Wil is on his feet for the rapid-fire half hour, delivering witty commentary on the things he knows and loves in this golden age of sci-pop culture. The result is a fun appreciation and celebration of fandom and all things science fiction.

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A Really Simple Graphic That Slays One Of The Silliest Arguments About The Minimum Wage

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I’ve heard a ton of them, believe me. But one of the silliest? My father-in-law echoed it recently: “If those people aren’t happy with minimum wage, they need to go school and make themselves better! Pull up them bootstraps! Blah de blah blah!”

Welp, guess what? Many people who are working at minimum wage jobs have a degree. What’s the next argument? “Y’all should just get a Ph.D. if you don’t wanna work for minimum wage!”

Oh, and also … that 23% figure? It’s real. So ummm … whatcha think, time for a raise?

This graphic was created by the wonderful people at the Economic Policy Institute. Specifically, by Lawrence Mishel. Find them on Facebook and Twitter. Thumbnail via Wikimedia Commons.