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Mysterious Beach Patterns That Scientists Can’t Explain

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These mysterious beach formations, like the ones spotted on a beach in Dorset, England, are called beach cusps – and one reason they’re mysterious is that scientists still aren’t completely sure how they’re formed.

Beach cusps, which often appear during or after storms, are unusual because their spacing is uniform and regular. If you don’t believe in aliens, there are two prevailing theories about their formation. The first is the ‘standing edge’ theory, which involves interactions between normal waves approaching the shore and “edge” waves, which form perpendicular to the shore. The interactions between these waves form regularly-spaced points of different wave intensity. The other theory is the self-organization theory, which claims that cusps are the result of regular wave, current, and sand interactions over time that create feedback loops. Many scientists believe that both of these theories might work in unison to create these curious structures.

Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England


Image credits: namraka


Image credits: leenaj


Palomarin Beach, Point Reyes, USA


Image credits: David Abercrombie


Image credits: David Abercrombie

Ringstead Bay, Dorset, England


Image credits: RHughes5

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Bride Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Result Is Better Than Most Wedding Photos

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Tallinn-based photographer Liisa Luts and her husband decided to do something unusual for their wedding on August 28th. The couple, who run a small photography and videography company, agreed that Liisa would take their wedding photos, using a mirror when necessary. Everyone was surprised by the result.

“I just felt that I want something different, not those posed beauty shots and not that post-processed glamorous photo gallery,” Luts told PetaPixel. “With all respect to the wedding photographers, I just wanted something more ‘us’…And what could be more real than me taking the photos myself…?”

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Dog Spends A WEEK Guarding Her Trapped Best Friend Until Help Arrives

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Tillie the golden retriever and Phoebe the basset hound didn’t return from a walk on Vashon Island, Washington, in early September. Their owner contacted Vashon Island Pet Protectors who, after five days, posted a lost dog notice to their Facebook. A stranger soon reported that Tillie had been seen on their property seemingly trying to draw human attention, so the VIPP volunteers set out to investigate.

“When I got there and looked down, Tillie saw me but didn’t come running up,” a volunteer told The Dodo. “She just stayed near the edge of this cistern, pressed with her head as close as she could get. Had she run up, we might have never realized that Phoebe was down there. She just stayed put, making it so clear that I had to come to her so I would see her friend.”

The dogs were both in good health, and had avoided dehydration by drinking rainwater.

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

“We had been out looking for about a week when we heard from a farmer here who noticed a reddish dog on his property”


They posted a missing-dog notice online


“Had she run up, we might have never realized that Phoebe was down there”


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World Full Of Lemons By Surrealist Painter Vitaly Urzhumov

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Here’s a peek into the lemon-filled world of Russian surrealist painter Vitaly Urzhumov.

Editor’s note: Vitaly Urzhumov started drawing early in his childhood. Later he studied art and design in Vladivostok, where he now lives. Urzhumov’s works are mainly influenced by his favorite artist – Salvador Dali.

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Lemon Garden And Tea With Cookies


Fields Of Lemons

Lemon Tea

Lemon World

Lemon On Ice Floe

Lemon Butterflies

Lemon Bouquet


The Actors of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Offer a First Look Into the Upcoming Season

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With the October 7th premiere looming close, the actors of American Horror Story: Hotel, including Kathy Bates, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Chloë Sevigny, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock, each offer a glimpse inside the Hotel Cortez, the spooky locale for the next chapter of the American Horror Story anthology.

AHS Hotel

AHS Hotel Children

images via American Horror Story