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Oh, Just a Miniature Mermaid’s Dollhouse


This is one of those slightly random finds that I was about to throw in with my Monday series of 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today, but then I looked closer (rubbed my eyes in disbelief a little), and realised it definitely needed its very own post. That, and the fact that it’s a Miniature. Mermaid. Dollhouse.

Made entirely out of shells (and some sand), let’s open the bell jar and take a look around…


At 9 inches high and just over 7 inches wide, the dollhouse rests on a seascape of pink Bermuda sand. Chair legs are made of sea urchin spines and tiny scallops, table tops are real mother-of-pearl. The artist is Peter Gabriel, who mainly creates miniature botanically correct flowers and plants out of paper but also makes decorated eggs and miniature shell art. It’s quite the niche, but one that makes me personally very happy it exists.


Above is our miniature mermaid’s bathroom. Notice the tiny green sea urchin light fixture and the mother-of-pearl leaf towels with sea urchin spine detail. The mirror is made from a species of marine gastropod mollusk and the tiny abalone soap dishes even contain soap made from a micro urchin.


Of course there’s a miniature miniature dollhouse on side table there ↑.


On the mother-of-pearl dressing table there are cosmetic bottles made of tiny shells and sea urchins, a red scallop powder compact and a pair of olivine sand ear rings.



The bed made of sea urchin spines with mother-of-pearl mattress and a coverlet made of sun scallop with sea urchin spine fringe.  Two Emerald Nerites form each of the oval beads in the roof support columns and the climbing wisteria vines are made of urchin spines; flowers made of sea urchin parts with operculum leaves.


And just to make sure our mermaid princess doesn’t sleep in, an alarm clock made of a tiny slipper shell with urchin spine hands and numbers.


This is pretty much exactly where I imagined the mermaids in Disney’s Peter Pan living…




So that’s all, just a miniature mermaid’s dollhouse. Thanks for stopping by!

Discover more of Peter Gabriel’s work on Flora Extaordinaire.

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