Monkey Knuckles, A Simple Skill Toy That Combines Different Elements From Juggling, Poi, Yo-Yoing, Astrojax, and More

Canadian creative Matt Hiebert of Aroundsquare has made the Monkey Knuckles, a simple skill toy that combines different element from the art of juggling, poi, yo-yoing, astrojax, and more. The cool skill toy is currently available to purchase online from Yomega.

Do you like Kendama? Then you will LOVE the all new Monkey Knuckles! Monkey Knuckles is perfectly balanced and easy to learn fun for anyone! Limitless possibilities for expression, play, and discovery.

Kuma Films also created a video for Yomega of Hiebert demonstrating how to use the Monkey Knuckles, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes footage.

Monkey Knuckles

Monkey Knuckles

images via Yomega

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