JINS Meme Smart Glasses, Computerized Frames That Track the Wearer’s Steps, Blinks, Alertness, and More

JINS Meme Glasses and App

JINS Meme smart glasses are computerized frames that track the wearer’s steps, blinks, alertness, and more using integrated sensors. The device comes in two frame styles and boasts a 16-hour battery life as well as the ability to alert a driver when they are beginning to get drowsy.

Engadget tested the JINS Meme glasses at CES 2015 where they appeared to be used as a video game controller, making use of the built-in six-axis motion sensor to control the figure on screen.

The glasses will be available for sale in Japan in November 2015.

JINS Meme Half Frames and Phone

JINS Meme Two Frame Styles

JINS Meme 6-Axis Sensor

images via JINS

via Engadget

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