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I’m A Self-Taught Welder And Here’s My Welding Art

Many people create beautiful works of art with a pencil or paintbrush. I use my welding torch. At first glance you might not understand exactly what you are looking at. Is it painted? Is it photoshopped?

Actually, the vibrant colors you see are an interaction between the atmosphere and the elements that form on the weld at a certain temperature. I control the heat of the arc to obtain the desired color. Sometimes a piece may take many hours to finish.

I love the versatility of welding, both from a structural and artistic standpoint. I’m a self-taught weldor and that is something in which I hold a lot of pride. Yet, every time I sit down to weld or sculpt, I learn something new.

Check out more of my works here.

More info: Instagram | Etsy

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