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Highly Detailed Coloring Book For Adults Features Famous World Cities

What do you do when you are bored? What do you do when you are stressed out? What do you do when you want to be creative? Here is an answer for all three – pick up a copy of Fantastic Cities and get coloring!

Fantastic Cities is a unique coloring book for adults that Chronicle Books is publishing in July. The book is full of incredibly detailed and unique architectural illustrations. It includes drawings of London, New York, Toronto, Rio, Amsterdam, India, Istanbul and many many more. There is a total of almost 60 images to color in. Unlike most adult coloring books, this one is not meant to be easy. Some of the drawings are so detailed that you will need time and patience to complete them. Because of that, the book will last you a long long time. It is also larger than almost any other adult coloring book currently on the shelves, almost a foot square !

Vicky Gan at the Atlantic says “we have to admit that this new book of DIY cityscapes is downright exquisite.”

Michaela Stehr at Visi Magazine says “The complexity of the line drawings is perfect for a de-stressing colouring session.”

Tara Bellucci at Apartment Therapy says “Fantastic Cities is an architecture-lover’s dream.”

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San Francisco


Guadalajara, Mexico


Santorini, Greece


San Francisco


Tokyo, Japan


Guadalajara, Mexico




Shey, Ladakh, Tibet


San Francisco

Wasserburg, Germany


Bremen, Germany

Rocinha, Brazil


The book is available to pre-order on Amazon.

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