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The NYC Pawnshop with a Hidden Surprise

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I might be a little late to the party on this one, but I just came across the neat little concept of a restaurant hidden at the back of a pawn shop over in New York City. The Beauty & Essex Lounge opened in 2011 with a deceptive retro shop front acting as a facade to the vast and lavishly designed restaurant and late night lounge.



It’s called Beauty & Essex, quite simply because it’s located on Essex Street in Manhattan, where an old furniture business called M & Katz & Sons used to have their shop front…


You can even see the ghost outlines of the old furniture store’s sign.


If you’re in New York this weekend and somehow this one missed missed your radar, give it a try for me and report back!


As long as I get to go through a secret door, this whole prohibition theme is never getting old…

Photos sourced from here, here, and here.

Beauty & Essex 146 Essex Street, New York, New York +1 212-614-0146

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Pokémons are set free on Google Map!

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Google Maps has introduced the Pokémon Challenge, a contest to become an official Pokémon Master at Google. The contest challenges users to collect a set of 150 different Pokémon from the video game franchise of the same name that are hiding throughout various locations on the service’s mobile application. “Strong-willed” applicants with every single Pokémon will be invited to Googleplex for a final hiring round, and the winner will ultimately start at Google as a Pokémon Master on September 1st, 2014. The challenge, which is conveniently right in time for April 1st, ends on April 2nd at 2:00PM PDT.

We value employees who are risk-taking and detail-oriented, have deep technical knowledge, and can navigate through tall grass to capture wild creatures. It turns out that these skills have a lot in common with another profession—that of the Pokémon Master. With that in mind, we’ve worked with Pokémon and Nintendo to develop a new training tool to help people hone their Pokémon-capturing abilities using Google Maps.

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