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Inception-Like Landscape Photos That Defy The Laws Of Gravity By Indonesian Artist

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Jati Putra Pratama turns landscape photos into surreal works of art by contorting the scenes to include unusual angles. The Jakarta, Indonesia, graphic designer made waves on Reddit after posting one of his pieces, spawning a flood of copy-cat work, and even a tutorial. Many online commentators write that Pratama’s work is reminiscent of the physics-defying scenes from the hit-film Inception, but this isn’t Pratama’s only style: his Instagram features more traditional (if there can be such a thing) surreal photos as well.

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I Build Fantasy Worlds From Laser Cut Wood

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My main interests have always been drawing, nature and fairy tales. These are the three primary ingredients which I use to create my work.

By building up layers of laser cut stained plywood, I create intricate relief pieces that bridge the gap between craft, illustration and sculpture. These works are essentially drawings that have been brought off the page and into the real world as a permanent form of storytelling.

My lifelong love of stories began when, at the age of six, my sister read me The Hobbit. Since then I have always been passionate about literature that takes you to another place, particularly fantasy and science fiction. It’s always been my ambition to create an entire world, with it’s own laws, logic and nature. The natural world is my biggest source of inspiration, from sitting on the floor watching David Attenborough documentaries with my grandfather to reading about the universe in New Scientist. The forces that govern life and shape the world have always fascinated me and provide me with a basic structure to build my own.

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103-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Dressing Up As Wonder Woman And Volunteering At Senior Center

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Mary Cotter is a real-life Wonder Woman. The 103-year-old recently celebrated her birthday at the Montclair Senior Center, California, where she’s been volunteering for the last 25 years. Cotter’s friends bought her the costume, and the residents affectionately call her their “barmaid” because she serves them tea, coffee, and water.

What’s the secret to living a long life, according to Cotter? “Just keep busy, I guess” she told ABC news. In 1930 Cotter helped her high-school win the state swim championship, she was a children’s swim instructor into her 60s, and was still helping rescue see turtles in her 90s.

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Ms. Cotter is a real Wonder Woman but not just because of her costume


She’s been coming to volunteer at this senior center for the past 25 years


The secret to her long life? “Just keep busy, I guess”


Watch a news report about Mary Cotter below:

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Koko The Gorilla Adopts 2 Baby Kittens After Being Unable To Have Her Own Kids

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Koko the gorilla received a special gift for her 44th birthday. The gorilla, famous for her knowledge of American Sign Language, was presented with a box of kittens and allowed to choose two as pets; the remaining cats were adopted into good homes. Koko received her first cat “All Ball” after signing that she wanted a cat, and being unsatisfied with a toy one, back in 1984.

Koko lives in at the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California, with her trainer Francine Patterson. According to Patterson, Koko can understand 2,000 English words and communicates with her trainers using over 1,000 “Gorilla Sign Language” signs. When Koko learned that All Ball had died, she cried, and signed “Sleep cat.” You can find out more about this story on Amazon.

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Koko the gorilla received a special gift for her 44th birthday


The gorilla, famous for knowing sign language, was given a box of kittens and allowed to choose two as pets


Koko signs the word “cat.”


Koko signs the word “baby.”


Koko signs: “Put on head.”


She always wanted a baby…


Now she has two kitten to love her!


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So in Sweden, McDonald’s has a Ski-Thru Restaurant

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“Lovin’ it” or hatin’ it, McDonald’s is a permanent fixture of the modern high street, king of the highway drive-throughs, pioneer of the fast food take-over. But did you expect it to become a part of your ski run?

At “McSki,” located in the popular Swedish ski resort of Lindvallen, about 450 kilometers northwest of Stockholm, skiers can order hamburgers and French fries through a special window and ski off, munching as they go.


The restaurant, which has actually been open since the mid 1990s (okay I’m a little slow) also has indoor seating for about 140 people.

Check out the advert:

So bizarre…right?