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Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Haunted House Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Film

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Christine McConnell, the incredibly talented artist and photographer whose terrifying cakes we wrote about earlier, has just shared a creepy set of Halloween decorations that she created for her parents’ home. Using hand-painted foamboard designs, she turned her parents’ house into a giant, fanged, sleepless house-monster.

Fortunately for other Halloween enthusiasts, she also shared photos of the process. She used foam-core boards to create eyes and teeth for the house, making them light, inexpensive, and easy to work with!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram

“I decorated my parents house for Halloween…”








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City Council Searches For Pranksters Who Added Funny Signs To Park Benches

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Park benches throughout the city of Chester in England were recently the object of a fun prank when pranksters attached brass plaques with funny (though perhaps slightly offensive) messages to the benches that looked like dedication plaques.

According to the Metro, the pieces were installed by anonymous artists to protest the Chester council’s plan to pass a Public Space Protection Order. Supporters believe it would help curb antisocial behavior in public spaces, while opponents believe it would be used to unfairly target the homeless and vulnerable.

Fearing that people might be offended, the Chester council has already removed the plaques. It’s also looking for the prankster responsible!

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I Simpsonize Random People’s Photos To Make Them Smile

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There isn’t so much I could say about myself. Just only that my life was a mess before I started to draw portraits. Now I know that before you try something you never know if this is what you should do.

What a wonderful feeling it is – to draw a caricature portrait. First you look at the photo and smile to the person. Mentally you introduce yourself: “Hey there! You look nice today. Let’s see what distinguishes you from the 7 billion mass of people.” It is also a challenge. Sometimes I spend an hour just looking at people’s faces before drawing them, trying to find their unique features, to guess their temper, to make up their story. All this stuff helps me to feel like they are my good friends, because this is what brings something, call it spirit or soul, to those lines and spots.

After the work is done, I look at it again: “Hello, my little creation! So do I recognize my friend from that photo?”. I always give positivity to my works, because this is what it’s all about.

P.S. The most important part – I’m only interested in creating real life people’s caricatures, not existing characters of the show, which are objects of copyright.

More info: Etsy

Guy’s Portrait

Couple’s Portrait

Doctor’s Portrait

Fitness Guy’s Portrait

Family Portrait

Wedding Portrait

Family Portrait

Woman’s Portrait

Leonardo DiCaprio Portrait

Guy’s Portrait

Pet And Owner Portrait

Pet Portrait

Animal And Owner Portrait

Traveling Couple’s Portrait

Girl’s Portrait

Wedding Portrait

You can order your own portrait on Etsy.

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Mom Hacks IKEA Beds, Creating A Superbed That Fits All 7 Family Members

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Elizabeth Boyce needed a creative bedtime solution for her five children and disabled husband. Tired of everyone not getting enough sleep, and used to co-sleeping from family trips, Boyce decided to create a “Family Bed” from parts available at IKEA. While not everyone online approved, the family is happy with the arrangement, and has even put together a FAQ for the curious.

“We had the loft beds already, but they weren’t being used since the kids were sleeping on our floor,” Boyce told Aplus. “So we tried fitting them all in the same room and making it look like one bed. Tom is disabled and in and out of the hospital, my work schedule can be erratic, and our kids just sleep better when they are all in the same space.”

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: aplus)