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Berkeley-Based All Power Labs Makes Small Power Generators that Run on Biomass

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All Power Labs

All Power Labs is a Berkeley-based company that produces the Power Pallet, a small power generator that turns biomass into electricity. The generators use gasification to harvest hydrogen from a variety of waste products—wood chips, nutshells, corn cobs, and so on—and that hydrogen is used to run a car engine which generates electricity. A single Power Pallet can generate up to 20 kilowatts of electricy—enough to power three homes. All Power Labs was founded by Jim Mason, a San Francisco Bay Area artist who is also known for his elaborate Burning Man art installations. Fast Company has posted an in-depth article about Mason and his renewable energy endeavor. This CNET video also provides a good short overview of the Power Pallet.

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‘May Be’ You Will Think Differently About Life After Watching This

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‘May Be’ You Will Think Differently About Life After Watching This

We are humans and that’s kind of a problem! We need to think beyond just food, shelter and reproduction unlike the other living animals. May be right now you are thinking about waking up early next morning to get into office in time, may be some thoughts about the last missed payment of the credit card or may be how to end world hunger! Your choice! But something is equally true that all these issues, all these dramas, all these ‘realities’ are happening in a small planet called Earth. We can see the stars and galaxies in the sky (although we hardly have time for that) but we never realize how BIG the world is outside our everyday consciousness. How about taking a look at it now?

An Youtube Channel called PureEducation with the motto of ‘turning citizens from the public into humble people who practice conscious living in a supreme state of awareness’ has created a video which shows the whole universe in 4:25 minutes!

Tip: Relax and imagine that you are looking through the back window of a spaceship that is leaving from Earth! Happy Musing!