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Blindfolded Strangers Kiss In Social Experiment Exploring Love At First Kiss

In a thrilling social experiment, Jordan Oram, a cinematographer in Toronto, asked 8 blindfolded strangers to kiss each other after a brief introduction. The sparks really fly in the video he filmed of their sweet and awkward interactions before they take “the plunge.”

Experiments similar to this one, which had brought strangers together to share a kiss, had been done before. However, as Oram explains in his video, “there had been nothing that really showed the reason why people were kissing… The reason behind the kiss: what if you meet the person you fell in love with from the first kiss? What if it was like your first kiss? What if you met someone, you kissed them, and then you introduced yourself? And then you built chemistry from that.”

Some of the exchanges in the video might make you cringe, while others are absolutely electric! Let us know what you thought in the comments.

More info: Vimeo (h/t: aplus)

Jordan Oram’s experiment united 8 blindfolded strangers


It all started with some awkward small talk…


…but then things got a bit friendlier…


…and THEN the sparks REALLY flew!


The creator’s aim was to explore the possibility of people falling in love from their first kiss before being introduced to each other


Check out the video in full:

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