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The World Knows About Sandy Hook. But The Murders In This Neighborhood? Not So Much.

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Even after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Congress dropped the ball by not passing a bill to help keep guns from falling into the wrong hands. Hell, even the overwhelming majority of NRA members (74%) support no-brainer solutions like comprehensive background checks for the purchase of firearms. I wonder if the political hacks who blocked the bill would see things differently if they lived in places like this.

See 9:04 for a priest’s take on why all of us, including suburban soccer moms, should pay closer attention to this issue. And if you really need poster children to drive the message home, jump to 9:57 and 12:02.

Original by Vice on HBO. Follow Vice on Facebook for more of what journalism is supposed to look like. To put this issue more in perspective, check out this article about the reality of violent crime in the U.S. And here’s the source for the 74% NRA stat above.