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Artist Will Replace Your Exes In Photos With Celebrities So You Wouldn’t Have To Get Rid Of Them

Kaitlin Kelley, a photographer and TV writer based in LA, will help you forget or get over your ex by replacing them with celebrities in your old photos.

It all started with her friend’s joke that she should replace her ex in her photos with a celebrity. Now, she runs a service through her website for other people who might want their exes Photoshopped out of their favorite photos. “It’s really fun for me to turn kind of awkward memories into another kind of awkward, yet fun and silly, memory,” she said.

More info: | Facebook | Tumblr (h/t: mtv)

Now you can easily forget your ex – that night you were with Jamie Dornan, remember?


Or the day spent taking selfies with Richard Branson and Tyson Beckford


That night Megan Fox and you had a few drinks together


Wearing matching T-shirts with Lenny Kravitz and hugging Sam Heughan, oh, those were the days


Sitting on a bench with Cobie Smulders


Covered in snow with Andrew Garfield


Miss Kelly, the artist, can be contacted here


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