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3,500-Ft-High Glass Walkway Cracks Under Visitors’ Feet

A 3,540-foot-high (1,080m) glass walkway at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in China cracked right under visitors’ feet on Monday after a visitor dropped a stainless steel cup. This walkway opened on September 20th, and given that another glass bridge was recently opened in China over a mountain gorge, many Chinese people have been less than thrilled at the news.

The visitors were not endangered, as the walkway features several layers of 2.7cm-thick glass, each of which can support 800kg per square meter. Because the glass plates were custom-made, there is no word on when the walkway will be reopened.

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“Suddenly “bang” a loud noise startled the foot,” – said one of the visitors of the glass walkway


Image credits: China Photo Press

“Looked down, my feet took that piece of glass pieces and broken glass …”


Image credits:  lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai

“I do not know the specific reasons, but that moment, so some people are screaming, I shouted ‘really broken, is really broken!’ then ran in front of people pushing … scared. “


Image credits:  lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai

Luckily, the walkway had several layers of glass, so the visitors weren’t harmed


Image credits: PDChina

Because the glass plates were custom-made, there is no word on when the walkway will be reopened


Image credits: Metro

Watch this video about the scenic mountain walkway:

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