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A Fascinating Look Into What Goes Into Building Miniature Replicas for the Museum of Scotland

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Alexander Howard, the former Technology Historian for the Museum of Scotland, offers a fascinating look into how the curators of each department go about creating the miniature replicas for the exhibits that entertain, delight and teach hundreds of museum visitors every day.

How do you get more than 3,000 objects ready for display in ten brand new galleries? This is the tale of how our curators and conservators applied stitches to a giant porcelain lion, played jigsaw with a priceless marble fireplace, and uncovered surprising stories along the way.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Creepy Candy in the Shape of Human Teeth

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Tooth Candy

Instructables user Randy Sarafan gives a step-by-step guide to making creepy candy in the shape of human teeth using a mold created from denture teeth and silicon. The lesson explains how to make the candy as well as the mold itself.

Teeth Candy is basically white crunchy teeth-shaped hard candy. Have you ever had that wonderful dream where all your teeth become loose and fall out? Have you woken up and wished that you could eat your teeth in real life? Now you can! Follow these simple instructions to relive your favorite nightmare over and over and over…

Teeth Candy Ingredients

Denture Teeth

Silicon Teeth Mold

Crunching Teeth GIF

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