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How to Easily Burn a Wax Candle Underwater

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The clever Dave Hax demonstrates how to burn a wax candle underwater in his most recent video tutorial. This can be done by simply putting the candle into a large bowl, filling the bowl with water until it’s almost to the top of the candle, and then lighting the wick. As the candle burns from the inside, the wax on the outside will not melt due to the water keeping it cooled off.

music by Kevin MacLeod – “Look Busy


An Amazing Composite Image Captures a Lightning Storm Against the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Supermoon and lightning storm composite image

Photographer Jose Antonio Hervás captured a beautiful composite image of a lightning storm against a backdrop of the recent “Super Blood Moon” lunar eclipse. Hervás combined more than 200 photos to create the final image which captured the eclipse over several hours from the island of Ibiza, Spain.

image via Jose Antonio Hervás

via Astronomy Picture of the Day


Rylai the Beautiful White Marbled Red Fox Is a Lively Companion to Two Dogs and a Human

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Rylai is a beautiful 5-month old domestic red fox with white fur who makes for a very lively companion for her family, which includes two dogs and her loving human. While life can be interesting with this adorable vulpine youngster, Rylai’s human also posted a comprehensive FAQ about the realities of caring for a domestic fox, including a bit less social time.

Rylai can’t be left alone for long periods of time. I don’t leave for long dinners, movies, or anything that takes over 2 hours and even that is a stretch. Before I go anywhere, I need to make sure that she’s getting ready for a nap so that she’ll sleep soundly in her secure kennel while I am gone.

Rylai and Human



Curled Up


images via Rylai the Fox

via Earth Porm, Lost at E Minor


A Thoroughly Detailed Comparison Between the Camera Quality Every iPhone Version Through the iPhone 6s

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iphone 6s photo comparison

Photographer Lisa Bettany has created a thoroughly detailed comparison between the camera quality on every version of the iPhone from the original to the newly-released iPhone 6s. The post includes interactive comparisons of photos in a variety of situations like macro, backlighting, and low light that allow users to see all nine version side by side or to click on an individual image version for a full view.

iphone 6s comparison gummy bears

iphone 6s comparison pencil tips

iphone 6s comparison backlit sailboats

images via Snap Snap Snap

via Lisa Bettany