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Google Demonstrates ‘Inceptionism’ Artwork Created by Artificial Neural Networks

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neural network abstract 1

Google recently demonstrated a series of “inceptionism” artwork created by artificial neural networks. The networks use 10 to 30 stacked layers of artificial neurons which process an image and attempt to interpret what is being shown. The networks attempt to recognize pieces of an image and generate a heightened version of how they interpret what they “see,” but can often misinterpret the source resulting in things like images of birds generated from an image of leaves.

The networks can also process truly beautiful abstract images out of source materials of simple static and color noise. Google has posted a stunning gallery of “inceptionism” images on the newly-launched Google Photos service.

neural network dog horse knight

neural network abstract 2

neural network sunday in the park

neural network multiple images

images via Google


How the Ever-Changing English Language Constantly Redefines What Counts As a Word

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In the final episode of the Language Files, host Tom Scott addresses the changing nature of the English language and how it redefines what a word actually is in “What Counts as a Word?“, a recent video written with linguist Gretchen McCulloch.

Word Count” is going to count plenty of things that aren’t words too — and it doesn’t get to a more fundamental question: what actually is a word?


Revamped Tubular Waterslide That Features a Colorful LED Light Show All the Way Down

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The new Black Hole Waterslide at the Familienbad Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven Family Water Park) in Bremerhaven, Germany is a wonderfully revamped tubular waterslide that features a colorful LED light show that illuminates the rider all the way down into the awaiting landing pool.

This is the colorful Black Hole water slide at the indoor leisure pool “Bad 1″ in Bremerhaven at the German coast. In 2012, the old tunnel slide was replaced by this modern tube slide while maintaining the old layout. The new slide is equipped with various light effects, e.g. RGB daylight rings, unique in northern Germany.

via Gizmodo Sploid