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Disorienting Illusions Captured by Tilting a Camera on the Steep Streets of San Francisco

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Filmmaker Ross Ching and dancer Karen X. Cheng created the short film “Tilting the Streets of San Francisco.” Tilting the camera while filming people on the steep streets of San Francisco creates disorienting illusions performed in the signature high-energy style Cheng has developed.

Ross got the idea for this video after seeing some photos with the “tilted camera” effect on steep streets. Since San Francisco is so hilly, it was the perfect city for this idea. The week before we filmed this, we ran all around San Francisco looking for steepest streets we could find (and gained some killer calve muscles).

The hardest part was coming up with ideas that made the gravity illusion look good – we tried lots of stuff that we thought would look good but didn’t work for various reasons (balloons got blown away, pouring water wasn’t visible enough on camera, moonwalking looked weird at an angle). Our favorite effect is the pendulum!

Tilted street holding up building

Tilted street with lots of people

Tilted street

photos via Karen X. Cheng

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips


‘Text Walking Lanes’ Installed in Antwerp, Belgium to Prevent Distracted Pedestrians From Colliding

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Text Walking Lane 1

The mobile device repair shop MLab has installed “Text Walking Lanes” on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium to prevent distracted pedestrians from collisions that could result in dropped and damaged devices. The lanes are similar to those recently installed in other places like the city of Chongqing, China and the campus of Utah Valley University.

Text Walking Lane 5

Text Walking Lane 4

Text Walking Lane 3

Text Walking Lane 2

photos via Bored Panda


Young People From Various Countries Talk About How They Perceive Americans

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In “How Do You Distinguish Americans?“, a Korean student who goes by the name Sw yoon gathered together a number of vox pop interviews with various young people from different countries regarding their perceptions of Americans. While yoon states that “this video contains the stereotypes toward America and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the interviewees or interviewer”, there are a few recurring themes, mostly about accents, volume, confidence and size.




‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Why Hollywood Remakes Movies

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PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores why Hollywood remakes movies in a recent episode of the series. Rugnetta points out that yes, money is an important factor, but really the reason behind the constant remaking of culture is much more complicated and includes factors like ease of use.

Fantastic Four, Jurassic World, The Hulk, Star Trek, Spiderman… is it just me or does it seem like remakes are EVERYWHERE? And not only that, but it seems like some movies are just sequel bait, deliberately leaving their ends open to ensure we return to the theaters a year from now to catch the second half of a story we thought we were getting the whole version of. What’s up with that? Besides financial reasons, why are there so many remakes? Does Simon Pegg have the answer? Or maybe our grumpy friend Jean Baudrillard!


Man Creates an Odd-Looking Metal Pancake by Pouring Coke on Molten Lead

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YouTube user TAOFLEDERMAUS pours a can of Coke over a pan of molten lead to create an odd-looking metal pancake.

What happens when you pour Coca Cola into a pan of molten lead? Obviously, ART occurs! I actually was hoping the Coke would boil off, and the syrup left behind would auto-ignite. However, a big surprise happened that even an art lover like me didn’t expect! Working with molten lead IS DANGEROUS! Pouring water, Coke, etc. into lead can actually make a big steam explosion, showering you with hot lead. I was able to mitigate that danger because the lead was shallow, and the Coke instantly quenched (solidified) the molten lead. I can only advise you to NOT try this yourself.

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