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A Biodegradable Miniature Origami Robot That Folds Itself, Walks, Swims, Carries, Digs and Climbs

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MIT scientists premiered their amazing Untethered Miniature Origami Robot that is able to self-assemble, walk on various surfaces, swim in shallow water, carry small items and climb up different grades at the IEEE 2015 ICRA Conference in Seattle, Washington.

…we present a novel single-sheet structure that self-folds into a centimeter-sized mobile robot that subsequently walks, swims, and dissolves. The robot is controlled using an external magnetic field exerted by embedded coils underneath the robot. Equipped with just one permanent magnet, the robot features a lightweight body yet can perform many tasks reliably despite its simplicity. The minimal body materials enable the robot to completely dissolve in a liquid environment, a difficult challenge to accomplish if the robot had a more complex architecture. This study is the first to demonstrate that a functional robotic device can be created and operated from the material level, promising versatile applications including use in vivo.

Miniature Origami Robot

Origami Robot

Origami Robot Specs

images via IEEE


MyoWare, Stick-on Muscle Sensors for Controlling Electronics Projects

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myoware 1

MyoWare is a system of stick-on muscle sensors from Advancer Technologies that can be used to control electronics projects. The company is raising money to bring the fourth generation of the sensors to market through a Kickstarter campaign, and as a demonstration of what type of projects the sensors can be used for, Advancer Technologies founder Brian Kaminski demonstrates a set of Wolverine claws triggered by the sensors.

Advancer Technologies is also a sponsor of Limbitless Solutions, an organization that works to deliver 3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms to children in need. Actor Robert Downey Jr. recently delivered an Iron Man-themed arm featuring the MyoWare sensors to a seven-year-old boy.

Advancer is also going to be developing a series of add-on shields that offer additional functionality, and they have made their hardware open source to allow others to build on what they’ve created.

myoware 2

myoware 3

images via MyoWare

via Geek Tyrant


Two Tiny Hamsters Spend the Day Playing Together at a Tiny Memorial Playground Made Just For Them

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Two adorable little hamsters named Dumptruck and Porkchop spent some the at the “Chicken Memorial Playground” where they were able to swing on the swings, slide down the slide, roll around in the sandbox and even play a game of ball before the two tired rodents decided to call it a day.

What’s cuter than a tiny hamster in a tiny playground? Two tiny hamsters in a tiny playground! Check out Dumptruck and Porkchop as they swing, slide and go all crazy pants in the sandbox. The playground has been named “The Chicken Memorial Playground” in honour of my very first hamster. Chicken, you will always be remembered and loved.

Dumptruck and Porkchop


images via AprilsAnimals