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So now you can Travel with your Own Personal Photographer

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Okay, I know, it might sound a little vain and pretentious at first, like something a fashion blogger might do. But hear me out…


Who else has had the problem when you’ve travelled as a couple on the trip of a lifetime but only ended up with a few blurry selfies of you and your travel buddy? Or even worse, travelled with someone who can’t just live in the moment and stop taking pictures every damn minute (and spending ten minutes choosing the perfect filter on Instagram).

If you can relate, then I think it’s time we talk about El Camino Travel.


So here’s the deal. They offer a curated group travel experience accompanied by a talented photographer with a creative eye ready to capture the epic journey that you’ll treasure for years to come. Every morning, the El Camino photographer delivers 20+ compelling images that you can hold dear or instantly share with your social media (plus an additional 150 images after the trip).

That means you can leave your phone (and selfie stick) at the door and live in the moment.

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“Crazy amount of lobster. Check. Fresh Mahi Mahi. Check. Hop on a boat for another adventure to another secluded beach. Check. Private photographer capturing the whole day. CHECK!”

The boutique company curates individualised authentic adventures for 10-12 travellers eager for something different.

There are two options…

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You can either have El Camino help you plan your next friends trip and customise an authentic travel experience for you and your friends, personal photographer included, of course.

Or, you could sign up with a partner to one of their proposed group trips currently on offer to Colombia or Nicaragua, and make some new friends…


El Camino personally contacts each traveler going on the trip to get to know them better and better grasp the type of trip they’re seeking. You can also contact them if you’re looking for something really specialised– they’re a flexible boutique company that’s happy to work with you on new travel ideas.


But most of all, they’re looking for travellers, not a tourists, who want to fully soak in every moment.

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I’ve always wanted one of these pictures ↑ Imagine your holiday memories looking like something out of a bohemian travel magazine!


And you can bet that your fellow travellers will be a seriously cool and interesting like-minded bunch.


And though you might start off the trip as strangers, El Camino assures that by day one, inside jokes start getting thrown around like hot cakes.



(Finally, you can get a nice bathing suit shot!)


When it comes to the itinerary, they’re seriously committed to detail and finding rare locations so leave it with El Camino to really take you off the beaten path.



There’s also something else that sets El Camino apart from other travel companies. They really care about working with local small business owners so on every trip, they organise a beautiful family style dinner with a local social entrepreneur who is radically changing the face of their country.

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Also, 10% of the profits of each trip are given to that social entrepreneur who is carrying out radical work in the face of adversity.

Pretty cool.

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An exclusive El Camino experience includes the photographer + all the images, hotel, activities and most meals. They’re actually so confident that you won’t find anything comparable out there at their price point but if you do, you can send them the link and they’ll send you a $200 travel credit applicable to any trip.

Sounds fair.


Keeping your camera phone in your pocket will be one of the most refreshing decisions you’ll have made in a while. But if you really dig photography, El Camino’s photographers lead tours throughout the trips, teaching you the tricks of the travel photography trade as you go to up your Instagram game when you get home.


Do forgive me if I sound like like I’ve been paid to write this post. I haven’t. They probably don’t even know I’ve written an article about them yet. I’ve just sort of fallen in love with the whole idea, that’s all…


You know … living in the moment and forgetting about documenting everything. Sounds like the perfect holiday for a certain blogger!


Ready to change the way you travel? Head to El Camino travel and discover more.

Their Instagram account is also giving me some serious wanderlust.


‘Clean Streets’, NYC Sanitation Workers Fondly Recall Their Years Working Together on the Same West Village Route

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In “Clean Streets“, the most recent short animated film by StoryCorps, two New York City sanitation workers named Angelo Bruno and Nieves fondly recall the wonderful time they had working together for 10 years on the same West Village route where they became an accepted and appreciated part of the neighborhood.

Everybody would just come out just to talk to you. People would say, ‘Oh, good morning Angelo. Good morning Eddie. You want a cup of coffee? You want lunch?’ And the nuns kissing us, too. We had nuns on our route. You know, I never had that before. (Laughs) The younger guys would ask me, ‘How did you get that?’ It’s just a little good morning, have a nice weekend. Hey, you look great today. I could do 14 tons of garbage. I can’t lift a baby carriage off a step and carry it down? Or hold someone’s baby when they went to get their car? The garbage ain’t going nowhere.

Nieves retired after 31 years on the job, but admitted that he misses it very much.

I miss it terribly, I’m like the little kid looking out the window now when I hear the truck. I think I could have done another 31 years.