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‘Confessions of an Idiom’, An Animated Short Film Featuring the Skeleton in the Closet and the Elephant in the Room

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The skeleton in the closet confronts the elephant in the room in “Confessions of an Idiom,” an animated short film by Amanda Koh and Mollie Helms of Ringling College of Art and Design. The film is an impressive, non-stop barrage of visual idiom puns as the skeleton finds relief in the freedom of his confession.

List of idioms
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Confessions of an Idiom
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Legendary Scientist Richard Feynman Opens Up About His Relationship with His Father in an Animated 1966 Interview

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On a recent episode of The Experimenters by Blank on Blank (previously), quantum physicist, safe-cracker, joint Nobel Prize winner and artist Richard Feynman opens up about his relationship with his father and how that relationship taught him how to look at the world in a 1966 interview with fellow scientist Charles Weiner that has since been animated by Quoted Studios.

See I can remember my father talking, talking, and talking. When you go into the museum, for example, there are great rocks which have long cuts, grooves in them, from glacier. I remember, the first time going there, when he stopped there and explained to me about the ice moving and grinding. I can hear the voice, practically. Then he would tell me, “How do you think anybody knows that there were glaciers in the past?” He’d point out, “Look at that. These rocks are found in New York. And so there must have been ice in New York.” He understood. A thing that was very important about my father was not the facts but the process. How we find out. What is the consequence of finding such a rock. But that’s the kind of guy he was. I don’t think he ever successfully went to college. However, he did teach himself a great deal. He read a lot. He liked the rational mind, and liked those things which could be understood by thinking. So it’s not hard to understand I got interested in science.

Museum Richard Feynman and His Father

In 2013, Hank Green of SciShow explained the incredible career of Richard Feyman, calling him “one of the great explainers”.

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Dame Helen Mirren Performs an Impromptu Acceptance Speech While Sucking Helium With Jimmy Fallon

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On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the incredible Dame Helen Mirren performed a hilarious impromptu award acceptance speech while her voice was altered due to the effects of the helium that she inhaled alongside host Jimmy Fallon.

Later on in the show, Dame Helen spoke with Jimmy about her experience riding the New York City subway system, her annoyance with the “man spread” and the time she unintentionally got a well-meaning man kicked off a train.