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‘Puppets Understand’, A Cute New Song & Video by Kate Micucci & Tony Thaxton Explaining Why Puppets Make Great Pals

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Puppets Understand” is a cute new song and video, written and performed by Kate Micucci and Tony Thaxton where the musical duo explains why puppets make great friends. The fun music video, directed by Cat Solen, was recently featured on a new episode of Nerdist Presents.

“Puppets Understand” was written by Kate Micucci and Tony Thaxton, directed by Cat Solen, and features puppeteers Jonah Ray, Erik Kuska, Adrian Leonard, Alex Griffin, Christine Papalexis, Christina Johns, Deanna Rooney, Maya Ferrara, Todd Cooper, Justin Hertner, Nikki Kelly, and Rose Shawhan.

Puppets Understand

image via Nerdist

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Every Day, These Elderly Chinese Women Wake Up At 4AM To Feed 1,300 Stray Dogs

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For the past six years, a group of five elderly women in China’s central Shaanxi Province have been looking after over 1,300 stray dogs at their very own custom dog asylum. At 4AM every morning, these lucky canines get treated with 400kg of tasty food.

The shelter was established back in 2009 by 60-year-old local Wang Yanfang. This animal-lover has been relying solely on donations from generous well-wishers. Foregoing China‘s notoriously extravagant firework displays, Wang and her trusted colleagues even spent New Year‘s Eve with the abandoned strays.

One of the ladies admitted that the dogs aren’t always the friendliest of pups, as they occasionally receive bites and nips. However, that’s never put Wang off her beloved dogs. Far from it, according to Tencent News, she remarked: “They’re like your children, you can’t bear to be apart from them, or to lose them.” They don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing!

More info: Facebook | (h/t: modernmet, lostateminor)

For the past 6 years, a group of elderly Chinese women have been waking up daily at 4 AM to feed 1,300 stray dogs In Shaanxi Province


The 60-and-over caretakers are totally devoted, even spending New Years’ Eve with the dogs


“They’re like your children, you can’t bear to be apart from them, or to lose them”


They’ve even been nipped at, but it’s all part of the job


The huge shelter is run entirely on donations, and the ladies prepare 400kg of food daily



China often gets bad press where animals are concerned, but there’s always more than one side to a story!



An Honest Trailer for the Action-Adventure Video Game ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’

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Voice actor Jon Bailey of Screen Junkies and Smosh recently teamed up to create an honest trailer (previously) for Batman: Arkham Asylum, the action-adventure video game based on the iconic DC Comics superhero Dark Knight.

You thought it would be easy to turn Batman into a cool video game. For 20 years, you were wrong. Now, revisit the 2009 sensation that made everyone say, “See!, now this is how you make a f!*$ng Batman game!” Arkham Asylum.