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Google Has Developed Synthetic Skin to Test a Cancer Cell-Detecting Wristband

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The Atlantic paid a visit to Google’s medical sciences lab to speak with Google X Project Manager Andrew Conrad to discuss the team’s work on a wristband that utilizes nanoparticles to detect the early presence of cancer cells in the wearer’s blood. As part of the early testing process, Google has developed a sort of synthetic skin.

When they were casting and making these arms, they had to make them out of materials that behave like human skin. They have to have the same autofluorescence and biochemical components of real arms.


An Unusual Dog With a Pit Bull Head and a Dachshund Body Is Up for Adoption in Georgia

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Rami long.
Rami, an adorable dog with a pit bull head and a dachshund body is currently up for adoption at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Moultrie, Georgia. According to the people watching over him, while Rami may look odd, he’s an active dog who’s really sweet, although he could use some training.

I’m Rami and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m a year old Dachshund/Pit bull mix. Yes, you’re reading that right, and, no, you haven’t gone crazy. I’m full of energy. I don’t like walking on a leash. I’m a sweetie pie, and love to run. I don’t listen very well, so you’ll need to take some time to train me. Because I tend to be a bit hyper, I might not be the best addition to a household with little kids. But I’m sure that all I need is a little lovin’. Will you take me home?

Due to Rami’s recent popularity, the shelter is taking applications for his adoption and will take time approving them.

Approved applications will be scheduled for a follow up interview. We are in the process of having Rami fully vetted to include shots and neutering which will be included in his total adoption fee. We are a small shelter with limited funds, so we are unable to provide transportation, but we appreciate all your interest in our sweet Rami.


Rami - Dachshund Pitbull Mix

    image and video via Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society

    via BuzzFeed


    Sticky Actuators, Adhesive Pouches That Can Move Simple Robots and Animate Objects By Inflating and Deflating

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    Researchers at MIT and The University of Tokyo have developed Sticky Actuators, simple adhesive pouches that can be used to move robots or animate objects by inflating and deflating. The pouches, which can be printed on a custom fabrication machine, serve as extremely simple motors that can be used by people with little or no robotics experience.

    We have also created a control system that the user can use to record a sequence of inflating and deflating actions. The system consists of an Arduino board, a motor driver, miniature pumps, solenoid valves, a battery and buttons.

    via IEEE Spectrum, Boing Boing


    Bay Bengal Tiger Becomes Best Friends With a Playful Puppy, At Least For the Time Being

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    A baby bengal tiger named Hunter, who was born an only child and rejected by his mother, sought out friendship with a playful puppy whose human works at the The Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. Unfortunately, the friendship mayb be short-lived as Hunter is starting to use his claws during playtime.

    Hunter does take his claws out and he does bite, but not really hard. You can see that they still care for each other, but I think 6 months on Hunter’s side will be enough for them. That’s when the get quite boisterous and plays a bit too hard.