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My Photos Of Stairs In Abandoned Buildings That I’ve Collected Over The Years

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I grew up in the old GDR (German Democratic Republic). After the reunification of Germany, there were a lot of old buildings left behind that I used to explore without a camera. Years later, a friend gave me a gift an old small digicam because he bought himself a new one.

At this time, I fell in love with photographing old buildings. After I made some fails, I bought a tripod and started exploring new level of photography in October, 2011. I mostly photograph empty buildings with great staircases inside. I simply adore old decaying architecture, their patterns and textures – they remind me that everything is impermanent. Staircase photography is my ongoing project and now I travel around Europe looking for abandoned staircases.

I took these pictures with a 5D MK2 and a wide angle lens 16-35 L mm.

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I Finally Visited The Ice Caves In Iceland

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Ice cave… Since I live in Iceland, these two words resound in my mind. I’ve seen the majestic glaciers, volcanoes and all the other wonders of Iceland. I went down inside a volcano, I flew over a live eruption but the ice caves kept attracting me with what I was seeing on the web!

I finally had the chance to go in the beginning of this winter to the south Iceland in the area of the giant Vatnajökull glacier with a real specialist of this kind of environment. It was early in the season so we went directly to the safest cave they found this year, this one is called the northern lights ice cave because of the ash inclusion in the ice roof of the cave.

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The Twins By Janos Stekovics

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Hungarian farmers from the Puszta in the 1980s. Photographing with large size 13x 18 cm.

Editor’s note: Janos Stekovics is a Hungarian photographer and publisher based in Germany. This is a collection of portraits he took of twin farmers in the 1980s. The Lukács twins were 63 years old when the photographer visited their village to photograph them.

The twins János and István lived in the Hungarian Puszta region and had loads of duplicate things: two bicycles, two traditional shepherd cloaks, two horse-drawn carriages and the same clothes, which often lasted for twenty years or more. They both spent their entire lives on a homestead 5 kilometers away from the nearest motor way and almost unreachable. They didn’t smoke or drink and had some farm animals, a well and no electricity – nor did they need it.

The pictures were published in a book called “Die Junggesellen”.

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The Twins Lukács

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Artist Adds Quirky Illustrations To Old Thrift-Store Paintings

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Portland artist and Peculiariumist Mike Wellins finds paintings in flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales and revitalizes them with new elements. The process is known as NERC (Non-elective Retroactive Collaboration).

The fun comes from finding something that is so boring that it isn’t even noticed and turning it into something that is strange, shocking or funny.

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Meet Pringle: The Cute Bearded Dragon That Never Gets Bored

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This is Pringle – a bearded dragon from Melbourne, Australia. His owner, Sophie Hayes, got him when he was a tiny one-month-old lizard, and discovered that Pringle is nothing like those reptiles who just like eating and sunbathing all the time. Pringle loves to be in front of the camera! He’s a natural model and you can see him posing with all kind of props without any problems.

Pringle is now 4 years old and has already got so famous that he even appeared on The New York Post! However, he remains a humble lizard who likes simple things like going for a walk, eating salads or playing video games. Even many presents from his owner can’t spoil this bearded dragon!

More info: | Instagram (via: nypost)

Pringle has his own bike! He’s still learning to ride it, though.

Lookin’ fabulous.


And after his warm baths, he wears a robe to look like Hugh Hefner.

Let the feast begin!


Pringle’s going on a trip.


Pringle would like to be the next Doctor Who as he can defeat the Daleks without any problem!

Being a serious policeman suits him very well.

Pringle wishes you a Merry next Christmas!

To relax, Pringle likes to play Pokemon with his owner.

The Force is strong with Pringle!

“Enough taking pics of me, now I’ll take a pic of YOU!”

Pringle totally rocks his new scarf.

Pringle’s favorite book. His favorite character is dragon Viserion as he looks a lot like Pringle.

“Ha! And you thought that bearded dragons can’t drive”

After a rough day, Pringle just wants to cuddle with his teddybear and sleep. Good night!