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This Teacher Hilariously Finishes The Doodles Of His Students

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When a school teacher from Thailand noticed the amount of unfinished doodles on test papers, he took it upon himself to finish them.

“At the beginning, most of them drew because they were bored, or waiting for a test to be finished. After they realized what I was doing, they started drawing more, and requesting me to add stuff,”- he says on reddit.

Some drawings need just a little twist from the teacher, while others get new body parts or characters, this way making a story of his own.

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Logo Design: Bread

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Logo Design: Bread
Logo Design: Bread

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured more logos with babies, and today we’re featuring logos with bread!

Every week we search through our favorite galleries: Logopond and Dribbble. Both are a great communities for designers everywhere. Also, if you you’d like to suggest ideas for the next subjects, please, tell me by sending me sending me a tweet: @paulogabriel. Cheers! 😉

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

Logo Design: Bread

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2014

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As the 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to thank all pandas for reading us and take a look at what made 2014 so special.

We can truly say that this year was the user-generated content year. Bored Panda is no longer just another blog – we’ve become a platform. Our submission form enabled artists and creators to publish their stories and reach millions of bored pandas from all over the world. We already have more than 4000 registered users who submit ~ 7 500 submissions per month.

Our team has more than doubled, and we’ve grown from 360,000 fans on Facebook to more than 1,600,000. With more than 50 million unique page views a month, the Panda community has become a huge force to be reckoned with in the fight against boredom.

Moreover, Spanish-speaking pandas can now enjoy our website in their native language at

We hope that 2014 was as amazing for you guys as it was for us. Thanks for reading us. Have a very happy New Year!

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Ask A Stay At Home Mom What She Does All Day. I Dare You.

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These are self portraits taken during the day and night around what I’m normally doing – just pausing to balance the camera somewhere. The idea came while trying to vocalise just what it is I do all day, and trying to explain to old friends and colleagues who I am now. I combined my passion for creativity with my overwhelming urge to step away from the goddam dishes for a minute – and I came up with this project.

So, who am I?  Who I am is Mother, Wife, Cleaner, Lover, Cook, Launderer, Administrator, Housekeeper. I do the day shift and the night shift.

Now it’s not that any ONE of these jobs is particularly hard, it’s doing them SIMULTANEOUSLY that’s hard.

Try running a corporation using one person – the CEO running from meetings to reception to answer the phone, hoofing it to the kitchen to prepare lunches, cleaning the board room then stalking around on security duty at night – and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

But from outside it’s hard to see how much is being done.

It’s not just the mothering, in my opinion that’s the fun part.  It’s the rest of the stuff that successful mothering sits upon. You could just play all day like a big kid with your kids – but they need to be nourished with good food, dressed in clean clothes and feel comfortable and stay healthy in a clean house.  Other relationships need to be attended to and nurtured also.

If it’s a successful day, by the end of the evening there won’t be anything tangible to show for it.  The house will be as tidy as it was in the morning – pots and pans that have been used and washed several times will be sitting quietly back in the cupboard, little vests, socks and onsies will be tucked back in the drawers.

The hard work and chores get absorbed by the house, so there’s really nothing to see – unless of course something hasn’t been gotten around to. Those things, those few things that didn’t get done shine like big flashing beacons of slovenliness “HEY LOOK AT ME I’M AN UNWASHED DISH, LOOK AT ME I’M AN UNDUSTED CABINET !”

I wouldn’t change it for the world, I’d only change other peoples opinions of Stay at Home moms and what it is we do all day.









Night shift

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Bride Left At The Altar By Her Fiancé, Celebrates By Destroying The Wedding Dress

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Shelby Swink was left 5 days before her wedding by the man she loved for three years. Gladly, she found a great way to cope. “A pity party was the farthest thing from what I wanted or needed,” she said. However, the wedding photographer thought of a great idea to have a “trash the dress” photoshoot on the wedding day.

Not only Shelby completely ruined her wedding dress, but her friends and family did the same thing for their formal outfits too. The day when the bride was supposed to cry over her unfullfilled dreams turned into an awesome play-date with her family and friends, filled with laughter and excitement.

“I can’t even describe how liberating and cathartic the experience was for me,” she said on Offbeatbride. “The moment the first bit of paint hit my dress I was free.”

Way to go, girl! We wish Shelby all the best and sincerely believe she will never have to deal with such heartbreak again.

More info: | (h/t: buzzfeed)

Shelby Swink met her ex-fiancé in college back in 2011. They were engaged to be happily married on November 1st, 2014


Just one week before the big event Shelby’s fiancé told her he doesn’t love her anymore, and called off the wedding


“Bam. My dreams of marrying and having kids with what I thought was the man I would spend the rest of my life with vanished,” she said on Offbeatbride.


“Nov. 1 was supposed to be a fun and happy day surrounded by friends and family who loved me. I decided that I would not let my ex-fiancé’s mistake of letting me go take that away from me.”


The wedding photographer suggested to have a “trash the dress” photoshoot on the day of the wedding, instead of crying over lost dreams.


“The moment the paint hit my dress… I was free. All the disappointment, all the hurt… I just felt it leave me”, said Shelby.


“My bridesmaids supported the idea 100% and even joined me in their own dresses”


Even her parents joined the photoshoot



Shelby’s mom was the one who paid for the dress, so she was nervous as to how her parents would react. “But both of them were 100% supportive and wanted to be there for me.”




Afterwards, Shelby’s dress was proudly displayed at The Barefoot Bride in Memphis. Each time someone buys a dress while it’s on display, part of the money will go to a local nonprofit Be Free Revolution.



“Always remember to remain true to yourself and believe in your own strength and you can overcome anything life throws at you”, Shelby advices.



If she had to say one thing to her ex-fiancé it would be “Thank you for sparing me greater pain and loss down the road. Thank you for pushing me to realize my own strength…”


“…Thank you for teaching me that no one can take away my happiness. Thank you for letting me go so I can one day experience true reciprocated love. THANK YOU!”