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Celestis Pets, A Memorial Service That Honors Deceased Pets by Sending Them Into Space

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Celestis Pets

Celestis Pets is a memorial service that honors deceased pets by sending them into space. The service is from Celestis, a company that began memorial spaceflights for deceased humans in 1995. Celestis Pets offers four different kinds of services that send a symbolic portion of deceased pets into space: Earth Rise, Earth Orbit, Luna, and Voyager.

Celestis Pets Memorial Spaceflights launches an engraved flight capsule containing approximately one gram of the cremated remains (or a lock of hair) of your pet into outer space on the mission of your choice. Family members and friends are invited to attend the launch and related activities, including facility tours.

image via Celestis Pets

via CBS Dallas/Fort Worth, Nothing To Do With Arbroath


Detour, A Location-Aware App That Provides Guided Audio Tours

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Detour is a location-aware app that provides guided audio tours. The app features audio that gives background, directions, and personal stories about places that users can listen to while walking around. Users can also sync the audio so that multiple people can experience any given “detour” at the same time. Andrew Mason, former CEO and founder of Groupon, is co-founder of Detour. Detour is scheduled to launch for the Bay Area later this year with a wider release in 2015.

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

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Sneaky Zebra has created a music video that features a lot of the fantastic cosplays at San Diego Comic Con 2014 from popular television shows, movies, and video games like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead, Borderlands, and many more. We’ve previously written about Sneaky Zebra and their cosplay music videos from various other comic-cons.

music by Down With Webster – “Everybody’s Angel

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Vintage Atkins, Torture Machines and Fat-Shaming: Getting Slim the 1950s Way

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Here’s a rather eye-brow raising television clip from 1958 showing various diet and weight loss methods of the day. We learn that Dr. Atkins certainly wasn’t the originator of the ‘fat’ diet as we speak to the doctor behind “Eat Fat, Grow Slim”, and receive various slimming tips courtesy of the British Pathé commentator, such as, “Slimming is better tackled before you get enormous”.

My personal favourites:

The rack used to be an instrument of torture, it still looks like it, however, it stretches the verterbae, tones up the muscles and makes a girl feel marvellous (if they remember to switch off in time).


From the examination and study of your case, we’ve found although you’re not an excessively fat person … we propose by means of fasting to get 10lbs off in a week’s time. You may have a slight headache in the first 24 hours but the last thing you’ll feel is hungry.

Sit back and enjoy the helpful and delicate advice of 1950s television:

via Dangerous Minds