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13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CXLVI)

1. Miniature Mom & Pop Facades of NYC







Randy Hage’s has spent many years photographing the gradually disappearing street level Mom & Pop storefronts in SoHo and then recreating them in stunning three dimensional detail to preserve memories of their “hand painted signs, layers of architecture, wonderful patinas and intriguing history.”

You can see all his sculptures vs the real-life storefronts on his website here.


2. The Abandoned Tarakanov Fortress in Dubno, Ukraine







Plenty more photos found over on Imgur.


3. A 1906 Earthquake Shack for Sale in San Francisco


With an asking price of $350,000, the small home at 16 De Long St. is one of the least expensive homes on the market in San Francisco. There were more than 5,000 earthquake shacks built after the 1906 trembler that leveled a good part of the city and left more than half of its population homeless. A few of the shacks remain, and they have a loyal following of devoted history lovers.


“Two Bedrooms Fixer located in the Outer Mission. Distinguished home in need of work. Contractor Special.” Listing on Redfin found via Curbed.


4. This Hotel in Guatemala


Hotel Isla Verde.


5. The Conspiracy of Shrinking Donuts


As machines improved — starting around the 1920 invention of the first donut machine — it’s possible it became easier to make donuts with smaller holes, since they no longer had to be manually dunked and plucked from the frier, but could ride along a conveyer belt instead.


It could also be that chains like Krispy Kreme, founded in 1937, imposed a standardized donut vision upon the United States. It did develop its own manufacturing processes to create unique and consistent donuts. 

Full article found on Vox.


6. Walt Disney with the Shah and Queen of Iran at Disneyland in 1962


Found on Imgur.


7. Times Square “before they took all the P0rn Away”

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (2)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (8)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (10)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (11)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (13)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (14)

Maggie Hopp - Times Square, 1970s (18)

Experimenting in the 1970s with color film, and commissioned to document buildings and signage in Midtown in violation of the Blight Ordinances, American photographer Maggie Hopp was able to create a very colorful portfolio of images which now look nostalgically benign, a colorful collection of what remained in the 1970s.

Found via TWBE and Shooting Film


8. When your Local Barnes & Noble is in a 1930s Art Deco Movie Theatre





One of my favourite bloggers, Scouting NY has just moved to LA, and yes, of course this is happening.


9. Skateboard Lights


Andy Shrinkage repurposes Powell Peralta skate decks by hooking up light mounts he constructed to look similar to trucks and weaving the electric wiring through the deck’s original holes. Prices and availability vary because it’s just one guy making them himself, but take a look at what’s available now on his eBay page.


10. Antique sewing table inside globe

antique-sewing-table (1)

More crazy secret globes here.


11. These Bohemian Backpacks



Lots of different fabrics to choose from on Etsy.


12. The Perfumery Salon at Harrods department store, London, England, 1903, photographer unknown


Found on Pinterest.


13. Cher and Tina Turner performing Together

Filmed in the mid 1970s, incidentally around the same time both women were leaving their bad marriages.

Oh and before I go, I just wanted to thank the readers who came out to see me in Paris yesterday, you guys made my day!

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