100% Natural False Eyelashes Crafted From Scavenged Foliage, Eggs and Snow

Natural Eyelashes Front

Designer and photographer Mary Graham took the idea of natural beauty products to an amusing extreme when she crafted a pair of false eyelashes from “scavenged foliage” and were attached using egg and snow. The process took a great deal of time but the results were absolutely astonishing and proved a very interesting point about the purity of cosmetics.

A product only has to contain 1% natural elements to be labeled as a natural product. The topical debate as to what constitutes as natural beauty caught my attention. Could cosmetics ever be made convincingly enough to be sold on the market as a truly natural product? My aim was to give myself tough restrictions in an attempt to craft a truly natural product. Everything I used was created by nature. Eggs and snow formed the glue to attach the eyelashes to the eyelid. Scavenged foliage from a local forest was used to create the lashes. Each eyelash took about an hour to make demonstrating it is time-consuming to craft completely natural outcomes.

Natural Eyelashes

Natural Eyelashes Trio

Natural Eyelashes Duo

photos by Mary Graham

via designboom

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